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Nano Steam Car Wash Machine NMB200S

Price:Big discount during promotion period

Application scope:Seats, Engine, Pipe, Exterior

Gifts:Guns etc

Supply ability:100 sets/month

Place of origin:Shang Hai

Payment method:TT/E-checking/Paypal


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    Nano steam car wash machine B200S description
    This model's energy is electricity and it is suitable for luxury car detailing shop. It can not only wash the exterior,but also washing the engine,seat,car evaporation tank. And it pretty save water,almost only 2-4L water for each car. You can use it with 24 hours keeping working.
    Nano Steam Car Wash Machine NMB200S
    Nano steam car wash machine B200 advantages
    1.Air condition pipe cleaner
    In summer, when customers open air condition of your car, they may smell a very bad smell. It is because his air condition pipe is pretty dirty. Now you can use your air condition pipe cleaner to wash for his car.
    2.Ozone sterilization
    Nano steam machine has the ozone generator. Therefore, it can remove the bad smell and kill bacterial for inner of car.
    3.Saving water
    The car wash machine B200 pretty save water. It takes only 2-4 liter of water to wash a car. It does not require the use of detergents. It has changed the waste of large-scale water consumption in traditional car washes, and opened a new chapter in car wash with environmental protection and energy conservation as the starting point.
    4.Safety Devices
    Automatic alarm and control features include automatic stop in case of water or fuel shortage, out-of-range pressure or temperature, abnormal flame detection and overtime pump running.
    5.Smart Control System
    Artificial intelligence enabled by the internal CPU monitors and controls mechanical and electrical operations of the machine. And we use the best 304 stainless for the machine and use the high quality spare parts.
    6.Super dry steam and wet steam
    The humidity of machine can be adjusted and it is easy for you to get super dry steam and wet steam.
    Items mm Specification
    Heating method —— Electro-thermal
    Voltage   V 380 three phase
    Rated power kw 12
    Max gasfication   Kg/h 26
    Max gas presssure   bar 8.5
    Ozone sterilization function —— Have
    Gasification dry and wet regulation  —— Have
    Video function   —— Have
    Ultra dry gasification   —— Have
    Evaporation tank cleaner —— Have
    Net weight Kg 95
    Package weight Kg 105
    Net size(L*W*H) mm 865*465*785
    Package size(L*W*H) mm 950*500*970

    Nano Steam Car Wash Machine NMB200S
    Nano Steam Car Wash Machine NMB200S

    Nano steam car wash machine B200s price
    Many customers are concerning car wash machine price, gubot car wash machines for sale, we can offer competitive car wash machine price, because we are the manufacture. If you want to know specific car wash machine price, just contact with us directly. 
    Service countries
    As a professional car wash machine equipment supplier, we offer different car wash machine equipments around the world. So far, we have reached cooperation with customers in many contries and regions, for example, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Unite States, Canada, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
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    Nano Steam Car Wash Machine NMB200S video

    We will ship the equipment to you by sea or by air. And if you are not familiar with the import, we can ship the equipment to your door.
    We first use the wrapping film to pack the equipment, then add the wooden box to ensure that the equipment will not have any damage when shipping.
    After sales service
    1.Delivery time
    We can provide the Nano Steam Car Wash Machine NMB200S for you with 7-15 days after you pay deposit. And Sea time is around 15-30 days from China port to your port.
    We provide one years warranty, if the machine has any problems within one year because of machine quality, we will send spare parts to you by DHL for free.
    3.Service ways
    7*24 hours Email, 7*12 hours phone service by professional engineer who can speak English.
    Q:What is the steam car wash machine B200S working pressure?
    A: 8 bar
    Q: Can your car wash machine equipment keep working without stopping?
    A: You can use it with 24 hours
    Q:What is the steam car wash machine B200S energy?
    Q:If the machine has problems, what should i do?
    A: We have a engineer team who will provide 24 hours service, if you meet any problems, our engineer will help you solve it by video call or phone.
    Q: How do you provide train?
    A: We will send one video that will teach you how to operate the machine, and you also can come to china and we will have professional engineer who teach you for free.
    Q:What differences do your machine have with other brand?
    A:At first, Our machine is totally different with other car wash machine. We are nano steam car wash machine,it has super dry function, you not only can wash exterior, but also wash interior,engine,air condition pipe, evaporator and sterilization.
    Secondly, our machine is a car wash system, it can help you solve all car washing problems. For example, A300, it has 5 guns with two steam gun, one high pressure gun, one ozone generator,one Endoscope. When the car surface is pretty dirty with lots of mud, You can use high pressure gun to wash at first,then use steam gun. And if inner of car has bad smelling, you can use ozone generator to remove the bad smelling and bacterial.
    Thirdly, Because our car wash machine equipments are taking the middle and high-end routes, we choose high quality spare parts. You also know that the quality of spare parts determines the durability of a piece of equipment. There are some compare with other car wash machine suppliers.
    Fourth, with so good quality and function, but our machine has a pretty better price.
    Last but not least, we have strong Marketing ability. We not only can provide car wash machine for you, but also can provide VI designer, Poster, Marketing plan. We have had 1500 car detailing shop in china, We have Rich market experience.
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