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Gubot alloy wheel repair machine manufacturer

Date: Feb 26, 2020

Shanghai Gubot automobile technology co.,ltd is focusing on alloy wheel repair machine manufacturer.

Repair the wheel rim that means if the rim is broken, we do not need change a new one, our machine can totally solve this problem

Gubot alloy wheel repair machine manufacturer


1. Cuts wheel 12-24"

2. 1 warranty and lifetime maintenance

3. Automatic laser scanning system

4. Easy operating

5. Self-developed optimization software

6. Free training video and manual

7. 7x24 hours technology supported

8. 2 USB interface

9. High-efficiency and economic

Gubot alloy wheel repair machine manufacturer

Standard configurations:

1. CNC control system

2. One laser sensor

3. Multiple processing systems

4. Automatic smooth the wheel curve system

5. Protection door

6. Photoelectric protection switches

7. Special designed optimization software

8. English version manual instruction and training video

9. Automatic lubrication system, hydraulic system, lighting system

Packing and shipping date:

We use the wooden pack the machine and it will be very safe to ship and the machine will not be damaged during transportation

7-15 days after receiving the deposit