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How much is the steam car washing machine

Date: May 27, 2019

  steam wash machine is a car wash beauty salon care service. High pressure steam can be sterilized and purified. It has a unique thermal decomposition function that dissolves deposits and stains quickly, allowing them to be removed from the car's surface. How much is the steam wash machine ? Regarding the price of the equipment, the price is significantly different depending on the brand, model, function and use.
  Advantages of steam wash machine:
  1. Can adapt to the big market trend of energy saving and environmental protection
  With the improvement of international energy conservation and environmental protection mechanisms and awareness, traditional high-pressure cleaning vehicles do not save water resources, causing a lot of waste water pollution and other drawbacks. steam wash machineing only solves these problems。
  2, can adapt to a variety of car wash places
  The advantage of steam wash machine is that there is no waste water pollution, car wash service can carry out mobile car wash door, underground car park car wash, large shopping mall parking lot car wash, home users self-service car wash.
  3, can carry out all-round car wash
  The steam washing machine has the flexibility to adjust the dry humidity. Unlike high-pressure car wash, in addition to cleaning the body, you can also clean the engine, clean the sofa, ceiling, air conditioning, cushions, floor mats, toys, accessories, etc., to achieve a comprehensive cleaning.