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The future of steam washing machines

Date: May 27, 2019

  The future development direction of car washing machine:
  The development direction of the future car washing machine is definitely toward the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, water saving and intelligentization. Just like the steam washing machine, it meets these requirements very much. Nowadays, the steam washing machine basically adopts the method of gas heating or electric heating. The effect of electric heating need not be said. The steam washing machine has fast steam production, energy saving and environmental protection without any pollution.
  The advantage of gas heating is that the cost is low. Although combustion also produces a small amount of exhaust gas, the gas combustion efficiency is very high, and the generated exhaust gas is very small, which is relatively environmentally friendly. Steam washing by these two environmentally friendly methods is much better than washing, which allows car washes to provide car owners with better diversified high-end car services and increase the majority of car washes.