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wheel repair equipment

Date: May 28, 2019

  wheel repair equipment used in the cleaning, roughness, finishing,descaling, beautification, adhesion, decontamination and other production process requirements of the wheel surface treatment, due to different production processes and production requirements, automotive wheels Sandblasting equipment can also choose manual sand blasting machines, and there are many differences in wheel repairing machines.
  1, the model is small, easy to operate. The injection pressure is adjustable and easy to maintain.
  2, suitable for a variety of materials and particle size of the abrasive, processing efficiency, abrasive consumption is small.
  3. The metal parts of the sand blasting machine are basically not damaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not change;
  4. The surface of the part is not polluted, and the abrasive will not react with the material of the part;
  5, sand blasting machine can easily handle the concave, concave and other difficult to contact parts, a variety of abrasive materials can be used;
  6. The treatment cost is greatly reduced, mainly reflected in the improvement of the working efficiency of the sand blasting machine, which can meet various surface finishing requirements;