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rim repair equipment

Date: May 31, 2019

rim repair equipment has been the main trend for wheel market . 
With the developing of the car market , the wheel hub has been the base of driving safely on the road . rim repair equipment are facing a bigger and bigger market .
And also people has a better requirement on the wheel hub ,so the wheel cutting technology has been forced coming forward all the way . the cutting wheel size is also enlarged into 28 inches.
If the hub is deformed, it needs to be corrected by a rim repair equipment
rim repair equipment
First of all, the aluminum alloy wheel repair is repaired, repaired, deformed, etc.
The refurbishment repair includes wheel corrosion, scratches, oxidation, notches, etc. This type of repair only requires a set of rim repair equipment.
Many people may do not know how to operate the rim repairing affairs; in so many cities , the customer even do not know the service right now , so what we do now is to introduce the service to them . let them know we can serve them better on the automotive aftermarket.
After-market service will bring a huge market, and we need more people with lofty ideals to join us and explore the global market with us.