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Gubot automatic wheel drawing machine technology and feature

Date: May 31, 2019

Fully automatic wheel drawing machine technology and features
Gubot automatic wheel drawing machine technology and feature
The machine adopts 380V working voltage, the speed can reach more than 2500 rpm, and the speed can be adjusted. It is equipped with high-precision three-detection system, high precision, fast cutting and accurate, and stable body. It is the main feature of the wheel drawing machine. The machine has simple operation. No need for programming, strong stability, reliable quality, clear brushed surface, high brightness, etc. In addition, it has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, durability, etc. It can remotely control the operation process at any time, greatly saving labor. The cost has expanded the profit margin of the business and further improved the efficiency and value of the wire drawing machine.
The equipment from the appearance to the internal core parts are independently designed and developed by Gu Baite, and are subject to strict patent protection. It is a characteristic innovation project of the automobile aftermarket. At the same time, the company headquarters provides free technical training to users who purchase the equipment and provides long-term technical support.