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steam car wash machine price

Date: Oct 29, 2019

steam car wash machine price
Question : how much is the steam car wash machine ?
Reply : firstly the question is kind of hard to answer, the price is based on the quality .
steam car wash machine price
So the price shall to choose what type machine do you really want .
Secondly, steam car wash machine in 2019, which has been killed in the surge of nano technology .
Nowadays no one will choose the common steam car wash machine, mostly people will choose the nano steam washing machine. The nano steam washing machine won’t hurt the engine and the leather , the nano steam particle will clean the every corner without damage.
nano technology turning the water into nano particle to clean the inside and outside of the car with one nano steam gun. Which are able to  wash car interior, exterior, engine, car seat, air condition pipe of all the vehicle.
steam car wash machine price
Washing a car only need 1L water and all days working ability , harmless to the surface paints of the vehicle and powerful ,stable performance , power saving better and Constant power steady design to better serve your beauty(car)
Last time my friend import one machine from China, the performance is fine as i see .
Following is the picture i take , for your reference
The company name GUBOT, which is kind noted in China .
For your reference .