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wheel straightening machine

Date: Oct 22, 2019

Why do you want the wheel straightening machine ?
Reply : wheel straightening machine , firstly save costs, and secondly save resources.
When we are driving, the wheel hub is slightly deformed for various reasons. we do not need to change the wheel hub, only the wheel straightening machine can repair its shape, which greatly reduces the various losses caused by the replacement of the hub.
wheel straightening machine
What else will be needed when we repair the wheel ?
Reply :The wheel straightening machine  is only the first step in the wheel repair process. When the hub receives damage, the deformation is only part of it, and the surface scratching aging and other problems require further correction.The matching equipment includes hub wire drawing machine, automatic coating of wheel hub, intelligent oven and other equipment. Multi-device collaboration is done together.
wheel straightening machine
How to operate the the wheel repair machines ?
Reply : the machine is usually with the operating machine and the installing machine ,The general operation steps are to use the wheel straightening machine  for repairing the bent wheel, then the wheel hub cutting machine for surface repair, then use the fully automatic wheel hub spraying equipment for surface beautification, and finally use the oven to process and dry the surface paint. If the pursuit of metal texture, you can again Carry out the drawing of the hub, or carry out a variety of operations in the water transfer process to achieve the trend leading!