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Wheel balancer repair

Date: Jun 24, 2019

Wheel balancer repair aligner is used to detect the wheel alignment parameters of the car and compare it with the original design parameters to guide the user to locate the wheel.
The parameter is adjusted accordingly with Wheel balancer repair aligner to meet the original design requirements to achieve the desired vehicle driving performance, which is a precision measuring instrument that is light in weight, stable in driving, and reduces partial wear of the tire.
Wheel balancer repair
The main products on the market are products with CCD as the core technology. The CCD car four wheel aligner is a data acquisition part for four measuring probes. The sensor (CCD) in the measuring probe respectively senses the light coordinate of the infrared transmitting tube on the measuring probe opposite thereto, and transmits it to the wireless receiver in the cabinet through the wireless transmitter, and then transmits it to the computer host through the COM port in the industrial computer. Perform calculations and processing. Since the CCD sensor reflects the relationship between itself and the corresponding infrared transmitting tube on the measuring probe, and the measuring probe is connected to the car rim through four wheel clamps, the relationship between the four rims can be measured by eight CCD sensors. In order to determine the positioning parameters of the wheel; 8 CCD sensors form a closed quadrilateral, which can realize the four-wheel positioning measurement of the vehicle. In practical applications, eight CCD sensors on four measuring probes are equipped with filters on the front of the lens to eliminate the interference of visible light on the bright spot image of the infrared emitting diode.
The data processing part is a four-wheel aligner mainframe, which mainly includes a computer system, a power system and an interface system. Its function is to realize the user's command operation on Wheel balancer repair aligner, collect and process the image data of the sensor, and display it together with the original design parameters, and guide the user to adjust the wheel of the car, and finally print out the corresponding report.