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Is the mobile steam washing machine really easy to use?

Date: Jul 01, 2019

With the continuous maturity and improvement of Internet technology, all walks of life have become more convenient, especially in its service industries, such as fast food, logistics, taxis, etc., as long as you can enjoy high-quality on-site service through mobile APP, you can enjoy high-quality on-site service. The market is now facing such a huge opportunity. According to incomplete statistics, the current domestic passenger car has reached 285 million, and as the domestic economy continues to develop, this number will continue to rise, according to the annual number of each car. The service cost is calculated at 800 yuan, so the annual market value will reach a huge amount of 228 billion. Assuming that the annual gross income of each door steam car wash project is calculated at 120,000 yuan, it can solve the labor and employment problems of about 2 million households. Therefore, no matter how to calculate the mobile home steam washing industry, it will be a market with great development potential.

Is the mobile steam washing machine really easy to use?

Faced with such a huge market, it will certainly give birth to all kinds of steam washing machine equipment, but more often, many manufacturers of steam washing equipment will only imitate the rough imitation, and have no research and development capabilities and core technologies at all, resulting in the market. Steam washing machine equipment is very diverse, the product quality is extremely unstable, the machine problems and various problems emerge one after another, so it has brought a huge blow to many entrepreneurs, and the webpage is displayed everywhere: steam car wash scam, certain steam car washing machine scam, etc. It has a major negative impact on the steam car wash industry.

Is the mobile steam washing machine really easy to use?

Advantages of mobile steam washing machine:

1, on-site service

Simple and fast, it saves customers more than 80% of the time compared to traditional car washes.

2, price concessions

Compared with the traditional car wash line, it can save customers 30%-50 costs.

3, water saving

It takes only 3-5 liters of water to wash a car on average, and the water consumption can be reduced to a lower level through workflow and equipment optimization.

4. Environmental protection

Minimize environmental pollution by using absorbent pads and sewage treatment mats.

5, can clean the body, engine, air conditioning pipe, but also ozone sterilization.