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How to earn the money from opening the car wash shop ?(二)

Date: Aug 26, 2019

1. Diversified Profitable Car Wash Shop

Car wash people integrate auto insurance, claims, annual inspection and other projects to empower the brand, thus achieving multi-point marketing, customer high-visibility consumption space concept.

The average net profit of these insurance, claims and annual inspections is around 30%. Not only can it increase revenue for the store, but also rely on these businesses to establish a good long-term demand sticky relationship with the car owners!

When car wash people provide entrepreneurs with help and entrepreneurship, they will solve the two biggest problems.

One is the storage of resources, providing entrepreneurs with a number of upstream insurance business companies, as much as possible to allow customers to have multiple choices, to make professional presentations for entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, it will teach a full set of agency process, so that customers can handle business without worry, let customers experience efficiency and convenience while giving high recognition to store professionalism!

2. The noted brand as the backing of the new store

Starting a new storefront, the brand needs to be created by itself .

Corresponding to a big brand, the brand's visibility is used to open the store.

It is a good way to open up the local market with the brand's help system, use the knowledge imparted by the brand to organize activities, and quickly collect fan customers. It is also a shortcut for quick start car wash business.

As a brand that has been engaged for decades, the car wash has a sufficient market base and has enough experience in the face of market competition to help entrepreneurs tide over the difficulties.