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Why wash the car, why must I go to the car wash shop?

Date: Aug 27, 2019

  Nowadays, many small partners buy a car and feel that the maintenance cost is high. Car wash is often overlooked as an inconspicuous maintenance. In fact, there are so many car wash doorways. If you wash your car by yourself, it is equivalent to destroying the car!

Why wash the car, why must I go to the car wash shop?

  Non-burst engine compartment

  The engine compartment is very delicate, and some owners often see that there is a lot of oil in the cabin, and it is very dangerous to directly fire the gun. Because the engine compartment is covered with components such as circuit boards, it is irreversible to cause irreversible damage to the high voltage package and the circuit board.

  Bottled "dead water" is not allowed

  Look carefully at the car wash shop, you will find that professional car washes are washed with running water, never barreled "dead water."

Why wash the car, why must I go to the car wash shop?

  Some owners may wash a bucket of water from the beginning to the end, and the washed soil is brought into the bucket by the towel. After the towel is rubbed in the muddy water, it is brought back to the body and rubbed back and forth on the body, so that the sand is in the mud. After repeated scraping, the scratches on the paint surface came.

  The more bubbles, the better the washing?

  Many car owners, used to spray detergent on the car, feel that the more bubbles, the better, so that the car wash can be clean. However, as long as it is a cleaning agent, it will cause damage to the car and damage the gloss of the paint. The amount of car washes is checked to minimize damage.