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Tunnel car wash machine

Date: Sep 09, 2019

Tunnel car wash machine full name computer automatic car washing machine. Tunnel car wash machine is a machine that realizes automatic cleaning, waxing, air drying and cleaning of rims through computer-related programs. With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more cars have entered the family, and automatic car washing machines are now more and more popular among car owners. Tunnel car wash machine is divided into a contactless automatic car washing machine and a brush type automatic car washing machine. Its investment is small. Simple car wash is faster than manual car wash. And high efficiency!

Tunnel car wash machine

1. Unique 7-shaped design concept, 360-degree rotary flushing, chassis flushing, foam spraying, and full car cleaning only take about 100 seconds/car.

2. Fully automatic frequency conversion and programming design, stainless steel nozzle with flow and angle standard, precise computer control system, further improve the cleaning speed.

3. About 80kg per square centimeter of super high pressure flushing, the body mud is flushed.

4. The car washing machine adopts advanced photoelectric sensing positioning technology to determine the position and shape of the car, and controls the 7-shaped spray rod to clean the upper and lower sides of the car. The large and small models have automatic detection function, and automatically adjust the 7-shaped spray rod rotation. The angle and the distance of the rinse.

5. Fast and efficient rinsing process, 7-shaped rotary spray car wash liquid, greatly reducing the use of electricity and car wash liquid.

Tunnel car wash machine

6. The water, electricity and wipe-free detergents used in the equipment cost about 1.4 yuan per vehicle, which saves the customer excessive labor costs.

7. The unique "7"-shaped rotary 360-degree flushing thoroughly cleans all parts of the car, including body gaps.

8. 13 fan-shaped high-pressure nozzles on the "7"-shaped spray rod, the computer automatically detects the flushing distance, thoroughly cleans the cleaning dead zone, and thoroughly cleans.

9. The unique chassis flushing car function uses high pressure spray and left and right side spray, and the chassis and the hub are flushed.

10. Use special wipe-free car wash liquid to avoid scratching the surface of the car body due to the roller brush or car wash sponge, causing scratches and accidental damage to the paint surface.

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