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Do car wash by yourself !

Date: Sep 09, 2019

Now, with the continuous improvement of the economy,people do not care about the little money on car wash service . steam car wash machine?However, the old drivers never go to the car wash shop to wash the car, because they know the car better.

Do car wash by yourself !

The weakness of going to the car wash shop to wash the car:

In order to pursue work efficiency, car wash shops use the simplest and most rude methods. The body is often washed with a high-pressure water gun, because the water in the car wash shop is not clean as drinking water, so there are more impurities in the water.

The impurities in the water, including the dust on the car body and the bird droppings, will rub against the car paint. The force will then scratch the paint of the car. After a long time, the paint will lose its original gloss and your car will become lower and lower.

Second, because the employees of the car wash shop need to wash a lot of cars every day.

Do car wash by yourself !

After all, car washing is also related to an individual effort, so of course they want to wash it as soon as possible.

In order to save time, many car owners usually leave the car to the car wash shop and leave it. When the car is finished, then can you guarantee that the car wash shop will really treat your car well? Some car wash shops with no quality staff will take the opportunity of car washing and driving outside to drive outside.

The benefits of doing car wash yourself:

If you wash your car yourself, you will definitely scrub it with a rag and the sanitary corner will be cleaned as much as possible. Personal rags are cleaner, so damage to the paint is minimized.