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Car wash in winter

Date: Sep 09, 2019

How to do car wash carefully in winter :

Car wash in winter

1. Use a neutral detergent for cleaning.

When choosing a detergent for washing in winter, it should be cleaned with a special neutral detergent, because the cleanliness of the alkaline detergent is great, but the removal effect of the paint that is difficult to clean is not obvious.

2. After the car wash, drive your car for a while.

When car owners finished washing their car, the water drops in the corner of the car still remain inside, so it is recommended that the car owners run the car for a while to dry the car.

Car wash in winter

3. Open the window after washing the car.

If the car is parked outside after washing, due to temperature difference and moisture, the window glass will have frost on the next day. Therefore, it is recommended that the owners open the windows after washing the car to let the air in the car circulate.

Every part of the car body is wiped clean by myself, and I will feel full of pride in my heart. So, car owners, if you love the car, clean it yourself!