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What kind of situation does not need to wash car? (二)

Date: Sep 18, 2019

  When you are repairing the car and changing the tires

  The master usually to touch the car body and the glass, although there is a protective sticker on the car body, but It is inevitable of leaving a few black-skinned fingerprints. .

  So the staff will wash car directly after the car car and repair service.

  Before moving to your new house

  In addition to the few things I just said, there is also the possibility that this will happen in life.

  For example, before moving, there is no need to wash the car.

  This big bag and other house furniture will load up and down, and the cat will get a little dirty dust over the car. It would be more cost-effective to go to the car wash shop after moving.

  Before Friday

  Going to work, commuting, there is not much social event. Mainly to bring you from A to B place, and then come back. But from Friday, it is possible to make friends, see relatives, find a girlfriend, go out to play together.

  The clean car will bring you a good mood, which will bring you charming character in social event.

  And it is a good choice to make friends easily after washing your car.

  So finding a good timing to wash car save energy and money in life!