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Why haven't you seen Ferrari and Lamborghini in the car wash

Date: Sep 23, 2019

  These cars are originally few, and there are fewer opportunities to see on the road, let alone in the car wash shop.

Why haven

  These cars are very high-end cars, certainly not going to the ordinary car wash shop to wash the car!

  Because super-car is bound to be equipped with a very powerful engine, the uniform feature of this kind of engine is that it is easy to generate high temperature and gradually accumulate, even after the flame-out, it takes a long time to dissipate.

  In order to dissipate this excess heat at the fastest speed, many super-runs require a semi-open design in the engine, radiator, exhaust pipe and other parts. If the super-car is to be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun before it has been completely cooled down, it may cause some damage or adverse effects on these parts.

  Therefore, it is best to wait for a period of time before the super-car doing car wash, and then clean it after not feeling the obvious heat.

Why haven

  It is best not to set the pressure of the water gun too high, and the stubborn stains should be removed by hand as much as possible. Moreover, super-car usually has aerodynamic components such as spoilers, tail fins, and vehicle bottom diffuser. It is best not to use an automatic car washer to clean the vehicle.

  Wheels and tires, including super-car, are relatively fragile, and it is better to stay away from automatic car wash machines. Therefore, super-car must not be treated as much as most cars, and it requires extra care and attention when cleaning.