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How can German Exquisite Car Wash to survive on the market?

Date: Sep 28, 2019

  If you do not participate in management and there is no equity control, will the binding force be weak?

How can German Exquisite Car Wash to survive on the market?

  Our consideration of membership management of German Exquisite Car Wash is a more open system that is different from the traditional franchise or chain model. Regardless of joining or chain, if you want to protect the profitability of terminal stores, you need four factors: first, systematization and informationization of internal management; secondly, good supply chain; third, talents, including technical and marketing talents; fourth It is the introduction of profitable projects.

  As a third party, we are more focused on solving profitable project imports. There are more than 400,000 repair shops in China, and it is conservatively estimated that 30% will be eliminated in the future, which means that 100,000 terminal stores will close down. What we can do is to screen high-quality terminal stores, which are the first three well-made stores to provide quality projects and help the stronger.

  Terminal store profit service plan

  Many after-sales repair factories are facing the problem of transformation and upgrading under the impact of the Internet, and the combination with the car maintenance project is indeed a way out.

How can German Exquisite Car Wash to survive on the market?

  The after-sales service providers who want to transform are roughly divided into two categories. One is the store with partial professional demand. Generally, they have more than one year of experience in car maintenance products operation, and there are also special car maintenance project teams, which often require more specialization. Profitable projects and a richer product line are generally operated by people who come out of the 4S store system. And German Exquisite Car Wash can provide more specialized profitable projects.

  Another type of store has no operating experience or experience of maintenance projects for less than one year, and lacks a dedicated car maintenance project team. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize and reproducible projects for easy start-up or rapid expansion. The pre-production product line should not be too long, and the background of the business is basically It is a fast repair chain and a beauty shop. This type of after-sales service provider is not the same as the one in the above category. In the early stage of our market research, we analyzed these stores and found that they often need the standardization of core technologies - the selected projects are not on the street, and they can bring extra value to customers. At the same time, German Exquisite Car Wash management need to sell standardized design of employee training, standardization of construction process and employee incentives. These terminal stores can also be solved through the profitable project introduction program we provide.