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Why do you need to do car wash?

Date: Oct 11, 2019

Car, like a man's lover, how to make your lover,Clean and beautiful, radiant, sparkling?Then you need to use a steam car washing machine to clean the car

Why do you need to do car wash?

Car washing is not only the cleaning of the surface, but also the important purpose is to maintain, extend the life of the car paint surface, protect the body paint surface, of course, the car wash should also choose a reliable car wash shop, just find a place to wash it will hurt the paint surface.

The paint-based finish used in most cars provides a protective surface for the body. However, after a long period of weathering, acid rain, high temperature, strong light, sap, bird droppings, worms and other special circumstances, failure to timely care will cause many adverse effects on the paint surface, making the paint surface eclipsed.

Rainwater or snow water often contains acidic substances. If the vehicle is not wet after being wet for a long time, these acidic substances will corrode the outermost bright film of the paint.

The sun's ultraviolet rays pass through the acid rain water droplets on the body, and the penetration point of the light-converging point is extremely strong. If it is not treated in time, harmful substances that are extremely difficult to handle will be generated on the surface of the paint, and they will deposit, corrode and penetrate continuously. The paint is discolored, tarnished, and forms an oxide layer.

Usually use the car wax to remove the dust of the car body, the paint surface can get the most basic protection, and it is less eroded by harmful substances from the outside.

So it is necessary to find the right way to love your car in daily life!