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Policy promotes comprehensive reshuffle the car wash line

Date: Oct 19, 2019

The car wash industry belongs to the high water consumption service industry. The problem of car washing and water saving is a matter of great concern to the country. Whether the car washing equipment is water-saving, whether it can save water through technology and service means, this puts very high demands on the this industry, and there are also emissions problems.

Policy promotes comprehensive reshuffle the car wash line

Beginning in 2017, the car wash industry is classified as a local environmental protection department, and the regulatory content is concentrated on emissions issues. If this industry fails to meet the standards, the car washing shop will be shut down.

It is understood that the water transported back from the sewage treatment plant in the first-tier cities cannot be directly washed, because the damage to the body is large and requires complicated processing. Local government environmental protection departments have put forward requirements for such problems as stealing groundwater, using private tap water, wasting water resources, and failing to meet standards. The problem of emissions in the car wash industry cannot be solved, and it is a matter of time before the government implements the shutdown.

Emissions are divided into water and mud emissions, and national standards are now very demanding because the state is concerned that the secondary pollution caused by chemicals in the soil and rivers is uncontrollable.

The car wash threshold will be higher and higher in the future, especially in the sewage discharge monitoring.