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Standard process in car wash shop

Date: Oct 19, 2019

1. (Use standard gestures to guide the vehicle into the designated construction site, lay the floor mat for the customer, open the door for the customer, say “welcome to the customer”, and check the vehicle around the car before doing car wash.

2. Take out of the foot pad and clean (seat and seat bottom, ashtray, trunk) while cleaning the inner room (steering wheel, instrument panel, sun visor, rear view mirror, door panel, seat, armrest box, safety Belt, inner glass, storage box).

3. Pre-washing and spray permeate liquid, wheel cleaner.

4. High pressure water flushing treatment to the car body.

5. Spray car wash liquid, clean surface stains (front net, front and rear bumpers, front and rear wiper, rear license plate, tail, luggage rack) wheels, tire bell, bottom skirt stain sand treatment.

6. Soft water washing.

7. Dry the whole car paint surface.

8. Clean side seam (reverse mirror, front mesh, chrome trim, door handle, front and rear logo, wheel hub screw, luggage rack, rear wing, rear license plate), wipe the door edge (threshold, fuel tank mouth, hood) , wheel tire glazing, bottom skirt (outside and outside the fender, tail throat).

9. Clean the pad, rubbing the pedals, threshold.

10. Cleaning of the exterior of the window.

11. Check each other and deliver the car (pave the floor mat for the customer, open the door and send the key to the customer, say “welcome to the next visit” to the customer, and use standard gestures to guide the vehicle away from the designated construction site) after finishing car wash work.

12. Clean the ground sludge, check whether the consumables are sufficient, and wait for the next construction vehicle.