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How often to do your car wash ?

Date: Oct 19, 2019

It is generally better to wash it once in about ten days. This will ensure that the car body is clean and the car paint is protected from damage.

First of all, the biggest hazard is of the car paint. If you do not do car wash for a long time, the dirt on the paint surface will be more complicated. Common dust, dirt, leaves, gums, bird droppings, tar, asphalt, and even oil and paint will have a strong effect on the paint. If the mixed dust can not be removed in time, it will slowly corrode the paint, leaving the paint surface tarnished and even rusted off.

Another hazard is that there is not decent for car owner. I don't know if you have this feeling, and you are driving on the dirty situation. It feels like you haven't taken a bath for several days.

And of course, doing car wash is not the more the better, too frequent will also have drawbacks, this drawback is not caused by the car wash itself, but because of the irregular operation.

There will be a lot of sand and dust on the paint surface. If the car wash shop does not pre-wash, do not rinse the sand first, and directly rub the friction on the sponge, it is no different from sanding. There are also some towels in the car wash shop that have not been thoroughly cleaned, and a lot of sand is attached to it. When the car is cleaned, it will also cause a relatively scratch on the paint surface.

In addition, if the car wash used in the shop is acidic or alkaline, it will also cause certain corrosion to the paint surface, which will make the paint surface lose its luster.

Therefore, when going to the store to wash the car, it is best to watch it next to it, when we find out the car wash operator is not standardized, use dirty towels to prevent it in time, we have the right to stop.