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How to do car wash job to a car with sand and dust

Date: Oct 19, 2019

1, flush the car body firstly

Before the official car wash, the body must be pre-flushed with a low-pressure water gun, mainly to wash away the sediment particles of the body, to avoid scratching the car paint when scrubbing the body.

2, two buckets of washing car method

Friends who wash cars should know that they need to wash the car with two buckets of water. Two buckets washing machine does not mean that two buckets of water can wash a car thoroughly. Instead, two buckets are used to wash the car. One bucket is filled with car wash liquid and one bucket is filled with water.

When washing a car, every time you wash an area with the car wash liquid, you should clean the sponge or car wash gloves with water, so as to avoid the accumulation of sand and scratch the paint.

It should be noted that when washing the body and washing the wheel hub or other parts of the sand, it is best to use different sponges or gloves, so as to avoid the paint damage to the greatest extent.

3, rinse

After washing the car body with the car wash liquid, the foam can be washed away with water, and the washing sequence is of course from top to bottom.

4, wipe

After rinsing, the body moisture should be dried. Strictly speaking, when wiping the towel, the towel should be covered to avoid scratching the paint on the hard edge of the towel.