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How to remove the stain on the car ?

Date: Oct 19, 2019

1, gum, adhesives

If you often park your car under the tree, you should have experienced the power of the gum. The car wash can't wash off. Similar to stubborn stains such as tape and sponges. For such stains, there is a corresponding cleaning product on the Internet, called a glue remover, which can be used for a long time.

2, asphalt , paint spot

And because the road repairing body was splashed with asphalt , and even painted by a mischief, there are also corresponding products to deal with. In general, it can be solved with asphalt cleaner.

When using this type of cleaner, be sure to rinse it off with water before spraying, and then wipe it with a towel, as some inferior towels may fade.

3, bird droppings, shellac

Frequently running high speed at night, the front bumper and rear-view mirror parts often have a lot of bugs. The dirt adheres very strongly. If it is not cleaned for a while, it will slowly penetrate into the paint, so it should be cleaned in time. The corresponding product has a shellac remover. These products also have a good removal effect on bird droppings.

4, oxide layer

The composition of the oxide layer is more complicated, and the old car is more common. To put it simply, all the stubborn stains mentioned above are not cleaned for a long time, and are slowly oxidized to form a layer of frosted dirt. This type of dirt can be carefully worn away by car wash mud.

Use car wash mud to keep the paint surface moist, otherwise the car wash mud will stick to the paint.

Try to choose indoor car wash in winter.

In the cold zone, try to choose indoors when washing the car, and wash the car with warm water. Mainly because the indoor car wash is warm and not easy to freeze.

After washing the car, the entire car should be wiped dry, including the door edge gap, door handle, sunroof, window, tail box cover, etc., which should be frequently switched. For some small gaps, the car wash master should use the air pump to pump moisture. Blow dry to prevent icing.