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What the advantage of the German Exquisite Car Wash Service?

Date: Mar 05, 2020

1. The owner will get the refined maintenance of the core components of the whole car. The core components mainly include the refined maintenance of the engine, fuel oil, air conditioner, gearbox, etc., which is different from ordinary maintenance;

What the advantage of the German Exquisite Car Wash Service?

2. The owner can obtain the health test report of the car for free. We developed the technician's mobile phone-style German-style intensive app, which can upload the data and photos after maintenance and maintenance to the cloud, and automatically generate a medical report of the vehicle, which is automatically sent to the owner through WeChat.

3. If the vehicle is finished in German, it will give the owner a vehicle maintenance fund of up to 50,000 yuan (extended warranty). If the engine, transmission and brake system fail within one year, the Pacific Insurance Company will settle the claim.

We are also promoting this German Exquisite Car Wash project in some 4S stores. The reflection is still good, because the previous 4S shop is for the owner to pay for the extended warranty, and then send the maintenance, the owner will think that this insurance is virtual, now we are reversed First, do the maintenance of the car, then I will send you a free maintenance fund, this logic owner is more acceptable. We also hope to build a trust system for car owners through experiential marketing, 7 days no reason to refund and maintenance and repair funds!

What the advantage of the German Exquisite Car Wash Service?

The car wash shop use our marketing tools to do car owner marketing and service management. For example, the owner spent 12,000 yuan in the store last year. Now the customer only needs to spend 10,000 yuan, including The project includes: 1 year unlimited car wash, 1 year 4 times maintenance, 1 year 4 times beauty, and the refined maintenance of our whole car, which can be very fine for the car owners, such as engine, fuel, air conditioner, gearbox, etc. Maintenance, also sent a maintenance fund of 50,000 yuan. For the car owner, it means that in addition to refueling, no money is spent. We call the vehicle "all-inclusive".​​

German Exquisite Car Wash, which include your beauty, your maintenance, and repair you. This seems to be a little less revenue, but the customer's viscosity will increase significantly.