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How to choose a mobile steam washing machine?

Date: Oct 29, 2019

How to choose a mobile steam washing machine?

How to choose a mobile steam washing machine?

1, see more:

Look at the appearance: look at the appearance of the steam car wash process is not very beautiful;

Look at the internal line: a formal product internal structure must be very clean and fresh, there will be no random lines, random wiring, line joints with ordinary tape wrapping, etc. are irregular, unqualified;

Look at the internal electronic control system: open the machine to see if the internal electronic control equipment is installed properly, the position is reasonable, the installation is not secure, and there is no possibility that it will loosen in the future;

Look at the pipeline connection and internal structure is clean and reasonable, firm and easy to install.

2, more touch:

Touching the appearance of the machine is not smooth and smooth, a good machine surface feels smooth and flat;

Touch the wire and feel the size of the connecting wire of the machine, and whether the sheath of the connecting wire has loose feeling and whether the fixing of the connecting wire is firm. Whether the connection is strong by hand or not, whether the connection mode may be dropped or loosened in the future.

How to choose a mobile steam washing machine?

3. Try more:

Test the stability of the machine, such as the pressure of the deflation during the long steam period (usually more than 30 minutes), the humidity of the steam, the stability of the steam temperature, and the sensitivity of the adjustment of the machine's dry and wet conditions;

The test machine has no pipeline leakage, air leakage and abnormal noise during the startup operation.

Trial function: A good mobile steam washing machine is equipped with basic cleaning for all environments