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How to earn the money from opening the car wash shop ?(一)

Date: Aug 27, 2019

1 . while draining one to guide consumption

A car wash shop owner in ShanXi Province revealed that the minimum cost of doing car wash is 3 USD, after deducting the labor cost, there is almost no profit at all.

However, car wash is really a very good means of attracting the customers. Cost-effective car washing makes customers more willing to spend in the car wash store, and other products have more opportunities to be displayed.

Therefore, the car beauty project of this car wash is slightly higher than its peers, but customers are still more willing to spend here.

How to earn the money from opening the car wash shop ?(一)

This is enough to show that customers are more reliant on high-quality car washes and European-style manual car washes when facing the car wash.

Through a comprehensive quality cleaning experience, it is enough to prove the excellent nature of itself and other projects.

In addition, coupled with the offensive strategy of cost-effective strategy, it is easy to promote the transaction of automotive beauty projects.

2 . to profit from car beauty

We have just said that there is not much profit point in car wash, but in the quality transfer, car beauty can achieve a good profit. Moreover, the effect after car beauty is obvious, and it can truly let consumers experience the change of the vehicle, which is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. As long as you experience it once, you will be impressed, and the repeated purchases will become very easy to progress.