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How the team car washing machine works?

Date: Oct 10, 2019

The car washing machine is a relatively modern car washing tool. It has the characteristics of practicability and convenience. The steam car washing machine is small, but it has strong flexibility and can greatly satisfy the needs of consumers for car washing. It is very convenient and fast, what is the working principle of the steam washing machine?

How the team car washing machine works?

According to the classification, the steam car washing machine can be divided into a computer washing machine, a door washing machine and a high-pressure washing machine. The car is cleaned by high-pressure equipment, water pressure, and then the state of the aircraft.

The car wash machine has a small footprint, less than one square meter, and can be equipped with appropriate mobile equipment, allowing it to be moved over a wide range for greater flexibility and practicality. The car wash machine needs about 30 to 40 liters of water, which can be supplemented with a wastewater recycling facility that can recycle wastewater.

What is the working principle of the Gubot steam washing machine? The Gubot steam washing machine works by high temperature and high pressure treatment, and then sprays and sprays to clean the car. It features a quick cold start preheating machine that takes only one minute and will have no size and reduces maintenance cleaning issues. The steam water saturation can be adjusted freely to meet different needs of cleaning work.

How the team car washing machine works?

It has high pressure protection, can automatically shut off if the pressure is too high, to protect the machine and the user. The water pressure is greater than the traditional car wash machine, which can be suitable for intensive cleaning needs, and can be used at work, automatic backup power, save energy and reduce car wash wear. Saving water and electricity, the water consumption is far lower than other car washing machines, and can kill the harmful bacteria in the car and the car, and play a disinfecting role. If you need one, please contact us